Manufacturing and Process Control

We have a great history of producing successful products for the manufacturing and process control sector. Below are some examples of the successful products we have produced for our customers. These products were sould to a worldwide market "reliabilty" was obviously a key element of the design and build process.

Soudronic AGIE Studer

High Speed Tin Can Production

Swiss company Soudronic are world leaders in designing and manufacturing mechanical handling and metal forming machinery for high volume continuous production. When they decided to completely relaunch their product family they approached Robinson Associates to help them with the system and software design. The aim of the project was to make production machines go at twice the previous speed whilst achieving higher reliability.

Using a CAN (Controller Area Network) based solution a standard computer node was designed and built so that it could be reused throughout the control system. Within a year a new machine capable of turning sheet steel into 1000 cans per minute was achieved. Robinsons supported the Soudronic team in introducing the same engineering process to machines further down the production line including robots, ovens, spray coating devices and conveyor systems.

Technology Used: CAN Bus, Real-time, Distributed, Delphi

Next Generation Spark Erosion Machine

AGIE now part of the GF Machining Solutions group is a world-wide supplier of the highest quality machines to clients such as Lego, Swatch and De Beers for extremely accurate machining of hard materials. Robinsons worked closely with AGIE over an 8 year period, during that time we collectively produced the next two generations of their AGIECUT machine ensuring AGIE retained its position as market leader.

Within AGIE production we introduced automated processes for production to achieve significant cost reductions. We also produced a training version of the machine interface that enabled training in a classroom environment.

Graphical Controller for Audio Automation

Studer have a worldwide reputation for producing high quality audio mixing desks for broadcasting and recording studios. To improve their competitive position an automated mixing console was specified to automate many commonly used features by storing and recalling mixes, console settings, and managing studio information.

Robinsons worked closely with the Studer team to improve the specification, design and production of the Graphical Controller user interface and protocols. The mixing console was re-engineered to improve automation performance and the system as a whole. The main features are an easy to use 'remote-control' enabling the operators to relay commands to the console from up to 1000 metres away. It also provides intuitive ways to view information and acts as a data store for large amounts of data generated and used by the console.