Registration Systems

Based on the success of the reception management system BBC Worldwide elected to use the same principles for the registration system at its premier event BBC Worldwide Showcase. This unique event showcases the best of British television to the world’s top TV executives. With over 700 delegates attending annually from every corner of the globe, Showcase is the world’s biggest television sales market hosted by a single distributor.

BBC Showcase

Since 2012 we have provided the Registration System that uses touch screen kiosks with built in cameras to capture pre registered guest details and a identification photo. A badge which acts as a security pass and also a personal plan of seat allocation on each day of the event is produced. A seperate monitoring system uses bar code readers to provide a security check on entry to the building by checking the unique bar code on each badge.

Technology Used: C#, SQL Server, Power BI, Zebra Series 7, Barcode Scanner

Automated Reception

The concept of an automated reception was born when BBC Worldwide requested a system to streamline their reception desk sign-in process. The new automated reception kiosk gathers vistor amd host details and identity photo and prints a security badge. The visitors host is informed of the arrival by Email, SMS or Instant Message. The message contains a picture of the visitor for ease of identification.

BBC Showcase

A seperate reception management system provides a list of who is in reception and how long they have been waiting. The system keeps a database of all visitors such that internal audit can trace who has been in the building.

Technology Used: C#, SQL Server, Active Directory, Skype for Business, Zebra Series 7