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Browser based Insurance Underwriting System

When Robinsons met Harvington Underwriting Ltd they were suffering from a serious case of having the wrong Information System. They had Unix based software which matched neither their business processes nor their insurance products. We worked closely with the Harvington team in a series of workshops to define what their business really needed in order to be successful. A plan was then put together to build the foundations of the new system and support Harvington's Insurance products one by one. The system now forms the foundation of Harvington's business supporting both office and home based working via its browser based interface.

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Technology used: IIS, HTML, CSS, XML, Delphi, SQL Server, ADO, Crystal Reports

ISIS for Underwriting

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ISIS (which formed the basis of the Harvington System) is an intuitive and flexible system that minimises time to market for insurance products and provides an automated solution to insurance office administrative processes.

It provides underwriters with the support they need to quickly implement product changes in reaction to market opportunities with users experiencing significant savings in time and costs.

ISIS is an internet browser based system allowing product delivery and maintenance anytime, anywhere.

Insurance companies are choosing ISIS as their underwriting solution, because it:

In summary, ISIS provides all of the above at a significantly lower cost than existing software systems.

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