Face Verification & Analytics

We have worked with some of the leading Facial Recognition providers (including NEC NeoFace / Microsoft Cognitive Services) to develop products and solutions that require people identification.

In the past, the primary uses of facial recognition software was for security applications.

More recently the technology has been used to provide accurate measurement of footfall and demographic (age & gender), as means to pay for items avoiding the need to remember passwords, checking a persons age at bars and restaurants, monitoring attendance , providing access to memberships clubs and gyms, recognising VIP guests upon arrival, recognising and helping addictive gamblers.

This technology is now widely available either on an in-house server or via cloud providers. Subject to usage you may be able to obtain this service for free. Would Face Recognition enhance your business application? Do you need help? See the technology in action below.

Face Verification

The application below demonstrates the capability to recognize one or more human faces wuthin and image by comparing them against a library of stored images. The panel on the left represents the library of stored images, the image on the left respresents the face images to be identified. The result overlaid on the images in the right show the idenfied images and the confidendence percentage of a match.

Potential uses of this technology are contactless access to a location (office, gym, hotel, car park...), checking for VIP arrival (shop, event), unwanted attandance etc.

Face Analytics

Face analytics provides a new approach to identitying customers, passengers, visitors etc. The use of face analytics can provide details of how many unique persons arrive, their arrival time, gender and age. This combined with details of locations visited provides a unique insite into your customers, visitors which can be used to change product location, ensure correct staffing levels etc.