Are you looking to redesign an existing product? Maybe you have a new product idea? Are you now considering the next step to take or how things might be achieved technically? It may be time to take a step back and consult a third party.

Our approach to consulting is very much focused on working with you to bring clarity and focus to your ideas. We initially use workshops to gain shared understanding and then progress this to initial product prototypes to provide visualisation. Only when a consensus has been achieved do we consider what a first project iteration should be.

Very often business needs change, a step-by-step approach to product development and a close working relationships ensures that new priorities can quickly understood and factored into the products development. This cost-effective approach that we adopt, has helped companies like De La Rue, Soudronic and Studer/Revox to quickly revitalise existing products, or turn a new idea into a real, marketable product.

...working with you to bring clarity and focus to your ideas.

To see the approach to our consultancy services please visit the approach page. To see how our consultancy services have helped clients in the past - please see our our experience section.

Due Diligence

Before you acquire or invest in technology companies, you may need independant technical audit information to complement the financial picture.

We have completed a number of due diligence projects where we have looked under the covers to determine the real value of underlying technology assets. Our reports cover key issues such as culture, management experience, technical expertise, quality, infrastructure and security.

Please contact us to get no obligation audit checklist and outline quotation.