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When Robinsons met Whitecross Dental Care their ambition of being the leading High Street dentist was being hampered by their Practice Management System software. This had been developed especially for them but its performance and reliability were creating major support problems. The Robinsons team audited the quality of the PMS software and worked closely with the Directors, Practice Managers and the Staff to understand the overall business objectives of the System. In a 6 month period Robinsons re-platformed and stabilised the system, migrated existing installations and rolled out to a further 20 Practices.

Technology Used: Delphi, SQL Server, Crystal Reports


The introduction of the Care Standards Act brought a renewed emphasis on the need for an efficient and integrated Care Management System. MetaCare was designed to support both Care Homes and Care Groups in achieving compliance to the new standard and in doing so allow operational staff to spend more time on direct care tasks.

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At the home level MetaCare provides the support for managing the admission and on-going care of service users via assessment, care plan modules, and structured accident and incident reporting. Efficient staff management is achieved via support for recording employee qualifications, appraisals and training. In addition, weekly rota support provides efficient home operation and automatic generation of payroll and accounting reports. At Head Office Level MetaCare provides flexible configuration and reporting across the business, geographical regions and / or individual homes.

MetaCare was designed not to require the expensive hardware and software infrastructure found in competing systems and as a result is a much more cost effective solution.

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