Business Systems

We have a worked in many business sectors over the years and have produced systems that are both easy to use and work 24/7. Below are a few examples of the successful products and systems we have produced for our customers.

High Performance Note Sorting & Bank Vault Management

De La Rue 6000 Note Sorter

When De La Rue decided to develop a next generation high speed note sorter they asked Robinsons to develop the overall system concept, design, processor and CAN bus technology and multi-lingual user interface.

Using the new design process the new machine was completed in less than 2 years, compared with 4 or 5 years for previous less complex machines.

The second machine in the product family was designed in only 6 months. A machine can now be configured, shipped and working on-site within a week compared to 2 to 3 months for earlier designs.

The note sorter was one of a number of devices that Robinsons integrated into a seperately developedVault Management System that was used by high street bank Cash Centres and the back office of retailers such as Harrods and Sainsbury's

Dental Practice Management

Whitecross Dental Care

When Robinsons met Whitecross Dental Care their ambition of being the leading High Street dentist was being hampered by their Practice Management System software. This had been developed especially for them but its performance and reliability were creating major support problems.

The Robinsons team audited the quality of the PMS software and worked closely with the Directors, Practice Managers and the Staff to understand the overall business objectives of the System.

In a 6 month period Robinsons re-platformed and stabilised the system, migrated existing installations and rolled out to a further 20 Practices.

Facial Recognition Integration

Facial Recognition

We have worked with some of the leading Facial Recognition providers (including NEC NeoFace / Microsoft Cognitive Services) to develop products and solutions that require people identification.

In the past, the primary uses of facial recognition software was for security applications.

More recently the technology has been used to provide accurate measurement of footfall and demographic (age & gender), as means to pay for items avoiding the need to remember passwords, checking a persons age at bars and restaurants, monitoring attendance , providing access to memberships clubs and gyms, recognising VIP guests upon arrival, recognising and helping addictive gamblers.

If you have a system or application that would benefit from this technology please get in touch to understand the support we can offer.

Browser based Insurance Underwriting System

When Robinsons met Harvington Underwriting Ltd they were suffering from a serious case of having the wrong Information System. They had Unix based software which matched neither their business processes nor their insurance products.

We worked closely with the Harvington team in a series of workshops to define what their business really needed in order to be successful. A plan was then put together to build the foundations of the new system and support Harvington's Insurance products one by one. The system now forms the foundation of Harvington's business supporting both office and home based working via its browser based interface.