Worried About Outsourcing? A quick guide to our recommended approach


To achieve effective software system development requires knowledge, expertise and process. Whilst many companies have some level of IT and software expertise, when considering a new project, the business needs to decide if firstly it has suitable expertise and secondly if the capacity is available. In considering this it may make more sense to consider outsourcing. Obviously using a third party to carry out tasks is a key business decision. This post aims to alleviate concerns and provide guidance on how to outsource software development effectively. Read More »

How to ensure Software Product Quality in a cost effective way

Traceability Matrix

How do you know your system has been designed, developed and tested thoroughly? One way to achieve this is to produce a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) that shows how each system requirement has been designed, implemented and tested. This technique is a mandatory element of safety critical and high integrity software development and provides clear evidence for developers, safety auditors and customers that every requirement has been completely implemented. This post introduces a tool that can be used to automate the production of a traceability matrix such that this technique can be applied in a cost-effective manner to any project. Read More »

Cost effective use of Code Coverage in Software Testing

Code Coverage

In previous posts we have explained how a Traceability Matrix can be used to ensure that tests exist for each System Requirement. If those requirements have been well defined, are testable and assuming the test team are suitable qualified this approach will achieve good results. But this alone does not ensure that the tests have reached all parts of the Software Product. This post looks at how code coverage can be used in cost effective way to further improve the quality of the delivered system. Read More »