Our Agile Approach

Successful IT and software projects rely on a systematic and flexible approach to their definition, development, implementation and deployment. The nature of the work that we carry out for our clients creating dependable commercial and industrial systems also requires that our processes be easy to understand, clearly specified and consistently applied.

The market has also increasingly become more volatile as people want can change quickly. Our appraoch considers that need up front such that anticipated adpatability is built into the the product design.

Agile Development

An overview of our process for a achieving a common goal Stage by Stage is described below:

    • Initial discussions to understand the business needs and objectives.
    • Determine the scope and major requirements and architect an initial system design.
    • Prepare, review and agree an outline project proposal
    • Incremental, stage by stage definition, design, development, test review and approve delivery of product which consists of the following tasks:
      • Review current business need and refine the requirements.
      • Produce and agree the increment Plan and Deliverables.
      • Produce early prototypes for client review and risk reduction.
      • Formal development and testing of product.
      • Review meeting with User and Clients throughut development leading to product feedback
      • Design and build of supporting system infrastructure.
      • Delivery of the product version after approval
      • Training, installing, proving, supporting delivered product version.
      • Perform next development iteration stage.
    • On completion, agree ongoing system maintenance or system handover.


We have used this approach over many years and many projects. It has consistently provided the following benefits to our clients

  • Client / User feedback and liaison at all times.
  • Product prototypes for early customer review and risk reduction.
  • Incremental phased deliveries of products focused around project priorities.
  • Agile approach allows adaptation to changes in business needs and objectives.